EN Computer Scientist & IT Specialist

Computer Scientist & IT Specialist

We have a special offer for all Computer Science and IT-Specialists, who want to work in Germany. If you have a computer science degree, which you completed in your home country or abroad, you have the chance to work in Germany. You do not need previous experience.

We can find the right IT job or internship for you and help you with your visa application. We will provide you german courses of high quality in Germany.

We offer the following services:

◆ Application & recognition of your computer science certificates in Germany
• the verification period can take up to 6 months

◆ Special german language courses for IT-Specialists for perfect preparation
• Included german language courses: A1, A2, B1, B2 (Duration: 8 months)
• Total fee for all Language courses: 2000,00€

◆ Accepted german language certificate for enrolling an internship program or a job

◆ Finding and organising your computer science internship in Germany.
(price on request)

◆ Finding and organising a computer science job in Germany for you.
(price on request)
We offer also special programs for hotel staff, electricians, technicians, civil engineering and building construction workers, furniture makers and many more.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.