Job Opportunities in Germany For Nurses

Job Opportunities in Germany For Nurses

      The lack of staff in the health sector in Germany is increasing day by day. Nurses and caregivers graduating in the field of health care abroad show great importance in eliminating this deficiency. We also carry out some projects to meet the shortage of health personnel in Germany. The first of these projects, for graduates of undergraduate and nursing schools.

    We send university graduates from more than 50 countries who wish to become nurses in Germany to Germany. But before that there are some requirements that these students must fulfill. First of all, these nursing graduates are required to learn German. We provide Online German Language training with our experienced and qualified teachers together with our new project in Germany. Thus, nursing graduates are able to complete German A1 and A2 level in their own country.

     It is not possible to obtain a direct visa from some countries to work in Germany. To say some of these countries, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Morocco, Iraq, Ghana, Peru, Nigeria and nearly 50 other countries. We invite nursing graduates from these countries to Turkey after finishing A2 level in their countries. In order to apply for a work visa, it is sufficient for these nursing graduates to stay in Turkey for about 6 months. We offer accommodation in Turkey for these nursing graduates. They are also able to meet some basic needs in these dormitories. (like breakfast and dinner) During the 6 month period of their stay in Turkey, these nursing graduates are able to complete B1 and B2 levels with our online German course or Live German courses at the Karabük University that is a State University in Turkey

     At the end of these 6 months, these students can make visa application to work in Germany. We give these students a job guarantee when they come to Germany. If the student is given a list of deficiencies as a result of the diploma equivalence procedure, the student can complete this deficiency with the training he / she will receive while working in Germany. The cost of all these services is 8500 Euro as package offer. This fee includes accommodation, breakfast, dinner, diploma equivalence, online and live German language course and job guarantee.

     The whole process is the same for high school graduates. But when they come to Germany they will work in hospitals or nursing homes for the purpose of becoming nurses and during this time they will receive nursing training.(Ausbildung) This nursing training will take about 3 years.During these 3 years students will also receive a salary of 1000 Euro in exchange for their studies.

Note: In order to start working in Germany, your University Diploma must be recognized as equivalent to the Bachelor’s degree in Germany. This is a prerequisite. Diploma equivalence procedures will be carried out by us in Germany.)


– A Completed Education Degree as a Nurse ( For Bachelor Graduate )
( Graduates of Nursing Schools equivalent to Bachelor’s degree and at least Bachelor’s degree )
– A High School Diploma ( Suitable For Nursing )
– The nurse should not have a health problem that prevents him/her from doing his /her job.

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