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Target group: adults and young adults (16+) throughout the world at elementary level (A1– B1)

Content: Themen aktuell is the revised edition of Themen neu– with new illustrations and photographs, modern layout and design and up-to-date texts and exercise material. Students learn in a variety of ways how to make themselves understood in everyday situations and to deal with simple literary and non-literary texts. Themen aktuell 1 leads up to level A1, Themen aktuell 2 to level A2 and Themen aktuell 3 Zertifikatsband to level B1 (Zertifikat Deutsch).

ISBN 978-3-19-001690-7
ISBN 978-3-19-001691-4



em neu Brückenkurs makes progression from elementary to intermediate easier. It repeats and consolidates the language needed for level B1 and leads on towards level B2.

Requirements: em neu Hauptkurs is for language students who have completed the basic level.

Study target: language capabilities at level B2


As preparation for the corresponding Goethe, TELC and ÖSDexams, we offer you free booklets which will also be available as download on the internet.

Additional materials for other exams at B2 level are in preparation.              

ISBN 978-3-19-501696-4 
ISBN 978-3-19-501695-7
ISBN 978-3930861408

The textbook has 3 parts:


University  preparation level: recognizing text attributes, text structures and key words.


University  preparation level:  scientific work techniques: making notes, readieng strategies, writing a summary, argueing , making presentations

exam samples


Useful addition: you can have everything  important in a nutshell with the grammar books for beginners and intermediate students. 

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The summary, that you have from the intermediate grammar book comes completely  new revised.  In contrast to he elementary grammar book, the new issue for the intermediate level does not include elementary phenomenons of he german grammar, that can already be found in the first book. Throughout the the level of the used german vocabulary and the excersises  can be increased. The number oft he short texts has been increased, too.  Some of them have gone beyond  the needed vocabulary in the everyday life. Both books follow the rules of the Dependency grammar.  There is an important enlargement, that affects the whole information in the grammar book. The arangement according to  semantic criteria has been retained. However, there are more syntactic and lexical excersises in the new issue. Temporal, causal and other relations were used – a small step towards the content and the text grammar.  In the end there is a an unit with short texts, where everything learnt can be revised and examined. The students that successfully make these excersices, will not have problems passing the DSH or Feststellungsprüfung examinations. Furthermore, they will be good prepared linquistiqally for there university studies. 

ISBN 9783922989516