Rheinland Privatschule | Service and Prices
Here you can find an overview of our extra services like pick-up-service, intensive German courses, University aplication, Getting a Visa, Your accomodation.
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Our Services and Prices


Intensive German language courses

Our levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1

One course has 200 lessons

In the week 25 hours instructions are given.

€ 389,- (Essen) € 449,- (Düsseldorf, Köln, Duisburg)

With a training course contract, which does not go up to the Oberstufe C1, uniquely 100 Euro are charged for registration.



The supply of the accommodation cost is 150 euro.

In Essen you can rent an apartment ca. 24 qm with furniture for 350,- Euro per month, in Düsseldorf it is 420,00€.

So that we can organize a reasonable accommodation for you, you have to reserve four week in advance.


Pick-up Service

We pick you up from the airports Düsseldorf and Köln/Bonn and bring you to your accommodation for 100,- Euro.


University Registration

We can register you at any university or Fachhochschule in Germany for 800,- euro handling charge, if a university access authorization exists. You avoid a difficult work with the applications.


Health Insurance

We help to find the suitable health insurance.


Visa Consultation

For study applicants, who are still abroad, we offer a free consultation for the distribution of a visa.


Cost free bank account

The pupils the Rheinland Privatschule have to open the possibility a free bank account with the Deutsche Bank.



Public means of Transport

The pupils the Rheinland Privatschule have to acquire the possibility favorable driving tickets.